Paradigms: What’s a Paradigm Shift

(part 4 of 4)


Using Bob’s principle that our conscious mind can create thoughts, ideas or images with our intellectual faculties impresses upon our subconscious mind to evoke an emotion that will aid us in the start of something/taking action, we can change our results with this same principle.

Paradigm Shift: A Brief Guide To Create New Habits and Paradigms

  • We can create an image with our imagination of what we would love to be, do or have in our lives.

  • Implant the new idea into our subconscious mind that by being, doing or having this new thing in our lives will benefit you.

    This is done by seeing yourself already being, doing or having it and experiencing it with the use of your imagination, see yourself really enjoying it, loving that it exists in your life and allow the feelings associated with it to surface to the top so that you actually start feeling it in your heart.

  • As soon as there is an once that you think you can do this new thing start acting on it. A feeling or thought will surface and give some vague direction of where to begin, which is exactly where you start taking purposeful action towards it.

  • Continuously repeat this process over and over and take the necessary purposeful actions to accomplish your desired result and you’ll start shifting your comfort zone/habitual behavior to better and beneficial places.

  • Remember, the new habit has not fallen into your comfort zone but rather your comfort zone has shifted so that you can experience better and new things in your life.

Paradigm shifts are necessary to start getting new results, however, it requires us to evaluate our current habits that don’t give us the results that we want and that we need to start believing in and practicing new habits. It important that these new habits are constructive and conducive to getting the results that we want. By taking purposeful actions every day towards your goals you will start creating new habits that become your new “comfort zone” to respond from.