Think and Grow Rich: A Practical and Comprehensive Interpretation.


Think and Grow Rich: Part 6 – Decision

(part 2 of 3)

It may be misunderstood by many people that we are only required to make a decision when we want to physically do something of significance. Yet, a decision is required before we start the action of acquiring our desire. We are required to decide how we make use of our thoughts before we manifest them into its physical equivalent.

It is important to first decide to use our imagination in a constructive manner that strengthens our desire, faith, and belief and reject any destructive ideas that may induce the emotion of fear within us.

A decision is a major step that determines if our desire is ever experienced in our reality / ”real life” or if it just remains as a distant wish that fades away as quickly as it came into our minds – lost in memory as a thought.

As we mentioned earlier our imagination is limitless, which is excellent!

We have the ability to decide to use it in a constructive way (seeing all the great things that could happen), or, it can also be ruthless if we allow ourselves to use it in a destructive way (seeing all the things that could go wrong).

The previous principles, that we’ve discussed so far, are to help us understand what we are experiencing internally (thoughts and feelings), according to Think and Grow Rich and gives us direction to what we want/desire. These are important principles that can’t be ignored but a decision has to be made on the use of all these principles as well.

For example:

  • Do you choose to listen or be guided to your sixth sense or not?

  • Do you choose to ignore or follow through with your desire?

  • Do you choose to practice the principle of Autosuggestion so that you build faith and belief in your subconscious mind that you can achieve it?

  • Do you choose to use your imagination as a constructive or destructive tool?

  • Finally, do you choose to take the necessary actions that are required to convert your desires from an intangible state (thought) into it its physical equivalent that you are able to experience on a daily basis in your reality? 

All of these require us to make a DECISION before we physically act on them.

To reiterate:

If we aren't able to make a decision on something that only exists within our imagination (or mind), how will we ever make a decision for it in the physical/”real” world?

If this feels quite ‘deep’ and scary somehow - you’re not alone.

It’s most probably challenging your current way of thinking.

Hence the title of the book: Think and Grow Rich.