Think and Grow Rich: A Practical and Comprehensive Interpretation.


Think and Grow Rich: Part 4 – Autosuggestion and Faith

(part 1 of 2)

The answer to the question, from part 3 – Imagination, is Faith the second principle in Think and Grow Rich.

We require faith in our imagination process because we are dealing with a desire that is quite beyond us and intangible, to begin with, according to Napoleon Hill’s principles.

This desire that resides within us will most likely require us to reach outside of our comfort zone – doing something that falls outside the things that we are so comfortable with doing on a daily basis to achieve this desire.

What role does Autosuggestion offer and how does it correlate with Faith?

The process of Autosuggestion helps our subconscious minds (our comfort zone) accept or feel Faith for something that is not yet in a tangible state of existence in our lives. 

Since it's difficult for us to evaluate or witness this desire with our five sensors, we need to convince our subconscious mind that it exists. We want this to occur because it'll help us take the first action of many towards acquiring our desire.

This can be compared to the previous example of deciding where to dine.

How do we build faith for this desire?

It’s easy for many people to consciously say to someone else:
“Just have Faith in it, it will all work out”

We have heard many people say this because it is easier said than done, yet if we had to ask them:
 “How do I have faith in something?”

They most likely can’t give a direct answer or they say:
“You have to believe in it.”

HOW do we just believe in something that is intangible (for now). This 'feeling' that is completely new to us and that we can’t comprehend with our five sensors?

This is what Autosuggestion from Think and Grow Rich explains.

So what is Autosuggestion exactly?