Think and Grow Rich: A Practical and Comprehensive Interpretation.


Think and Grow Rich: Part 3 – Imagination

(part 4 of 4)

When we utilize our imagination so much that the scenario ‘seems to be real’ to us, our mind naturally starts to associate emotions with it. If we started to imagine ourselves trying to eat something that we hated, our emotional experience to that scenario would be completely opposite and deemed revolting and cause us to immediately eliminate that as a choice.

Thus narrowing down our choices to one scenario, in our imagination, that resonates with our feeling of what we want is the purpose of using our imagination.

The process of using our imagination (the tool) is to activate emotions within us and clarify what our desire actually is.

Furthermore, our imagination is used to solve problems that will come later in the process – creative or synthetic solutions as Napoleon Hill states it in Think and Grow Rich.


The principle is to use and engage your imagination so much that you start to feel some sort of emotion towards this hypothetical scenario that only exist in our minds (for now).

Usually, we want to activate good emotions because that will cause us to follow through with a decision to experience it in a physically tangible form – so that we may enjoy it to its fullest extent in our lives.

However, our imaginations are limitless and can also start creating scenarios of everything going wrong for someone. This is where we start to creates the emotion of fear within ourselves. We have all experienced a situation like this where we build this scenario that is so vivid and detailed in our imagination that it induces a fear so strong that we choose not to proceed with something – we made a decision to NOT go for something even though the ‘result’ only existed within our imagination.

This is another important piece of information that Napoleon Hill stresses in his book Think and Grow Rich in chapter one: The Power of Thought. Its underlying message is that thought becomes reality if one desires (or fears) something so much.

We have the choice or free will to think and imagine what we want.

According to the principles of Think and Grow Rich, we essentially have two options with Imagination:
•    Use it destructively to build fear within us or
•    Use our Imagination constructively to build faith within us.

We all have an imagination that we utilize every single day; it’s just up to us HOW we use it.

This leaves us with one last question.

If we can use our imagination to induce emotions that will help us take action, then WHY do we need to induce emotions for our desire?

You’re probably thinking:
“That’s easy, so we can experience it in our physical life. You just said that.”

Yes, part of that is true...

However, that’s not the full answer.

We require another one of Napoleon Hill’s principle before we start to shift our thoughts into reality. (It was just mentioned a moment ago – can you guess what it is?)