Think and Grow Rich: A Practical and Comprehensive Interpretation.


Think and Grow Rich: Part 3 – Imagination

(part 3 of 4)

It’s Thursday afternoon and you’ve been working really hard at work the entire week. You feel like going out to a restaurant to enjoy some amazing food and wine with close friends of yours to calm down from this week’s activities.

You start to ponder what restaurant you would like to go to – the usual restaurant that you always go to or someplace new to try something different. You struggle a little bit to make a decision because you don’t know what you want - you’re thinking beef, chicken, fish, curry, Chinese food, etc. and the list goes on.

Your thought process just flashes images of these dishes in your imagination – dish after dish.

You still can’t decide.

Now you ask:
“What do I feel like eating?”

Your imagination starts with beef again but this time you start engaging in how the beef tastes, what the texture feels like, how it tastes with the wine that you had last time. You imagination shifts from a still image to a scenario of yourself engaging with the food and wine.

You see yourself, within your imagination, experiencing this moment of fine dining with your friends and you start to feel some emotions surfacing that are attached to this experience.

Your mouth starts to water a little bit and it’s starting to make you hungry...

you have decided that you want to go 'there' for dinner!

It just feels so right to go to that particular restaurant because it seems so clear in your mind and your body is physically craving it now.

This scenario matches that feeling of ‘eating out’ that started this entire thought process so well that it seems to resonate with each other...

A few moments later you are on the phone making a booking and now it's set – you just have to wait one day and then you can physically enjoy what you just ‘experienced’ in your imagination.

In this example we couldn’t quite decide on a restaurant with just our rational thought alone, we had to engage a bit with what we felt like eating.


We are only able to narrow down the type of food and type of restaurant that offers it by engaging in a deeper state of mind where we are fully utilizing our imagination.