Think and Grow Rich: A Practical and Comprehensive Interpretation.


Think and Grow Rich: Part 3 – Imagination

(part 2 of 4)


We have to shift the way we perceive this Desire by shifting our point of ‘viewing’ it.


Allow us to explain quickly.

We can see physical things in the world with our eyes but we can also see things in our mind with our imagination.

Our eyes are just receptors that can pick up light energy outside of us and translate that energy into information that our brains can understand. Our imagination is part of our thinking process where our brain is activating itself to produce its own images from within us.

You are the only person that can see these images because it exists within your mind only – your thinking is producing it from within with your imagination.

Since the sixth sense and desire are experienced from within as well, we need to shift ourselves to that ‘plane’ as well - hence our imagination – (within) our mind.

Napoleon Hill mentions numerous times in Think and Grow Rich that thought can be translated into physical results that we desire.

Imagination is the tool (mental tool) that we use to start translating those thoughts into our reality.

This is not some magic trick that is saying:
If you just think it then it will exist in your life.” If this were true then we would all be billionaires.

As we said, it’s a tool to be used to help translate that desire (intangible) into something physical and tangible.

A tool is used to help us achieve something.

So how do we use imagination, as a tool, to help us?

We start by building a scenario of ourselves using and living with this desire in our imagination.

Here’s a quick analogy to help explain how this works: