Think and Grow Rich: A Practical and Comprehensive Interpretation.


Think and Grow Rich: Part 3 – Imagination

(part 1 of 4)


We have identified that we have a desire within us – ‘something’ that wants to express itself and exist within our reality.

So... how do we start expressing this desire if we aren’t quite sure how to make sense of it yet? Where we aren’t yet able to justify the reasons why we should venture into it because it seems illogical at this moment in time and extremely scary to move forward into the unknown.

To recap everything that we have gone through we’ve briefly established, in the previous part, that we have this sixth sense that is trying to guide us and if we have a belief system that includes a God in whom we are made, then we can assume it’s the voice of our God trying to guide us to the best possible “path” - our natural 'guidance system'.

However, as humans who have been brought up to understand our physical environment/ reality with our five sensors and we can’t seem to be convinced that this sixth sense is sufficient enough to place our entire future on.

We don’t trust it or haven’t learned to trust it enough to aid in our decision-making process.

This sixth sense is beyond our five sensors and is extremely difficult to determine the outcome/results of this feeling that is trying to guide us from within.

The same can be said for desire.

We are trained to be guided by things that are outside of us by using our five sensors to deliver the information to us. We are able to justify tangible things like witnessing the news or studying an academic textbook that is based on facts and proven results because it eliminates the unknown for us (we’re able to witness all these facts and results through at least one of our five senses and be convinced by its logic and proof).

Yet, this Desire has no textbook, guide or tangible substance that can stimulate our five sensors – again, it is beyond our five senses.

If our five sensors aren’t able to make sense of it to relay information to us then what are we left with?


What devices can we use to make sense of this Desire and sixth sense?