Think and Grow Rich: A Practical and Comprehensive Interpretation.


Think and Grow Rich: Part 2 – Desire

(part 3 of 4)

Furthermore, one could even argue that desires are a combination of mental thoughts/images and emotions working in harmony because a desire engages more than just your mind. It’s as if this idea of wanting something so badly that it resonates with our spirits – ‘something’ deep down within us is seeking to grow and express itself to the world. This ‘something’ could be a skill, ability or talent that is uniquely yours that no one else has to offer the world.

We could even argue further that a desire is like a natural guidance system. If this ‘something’/desire is unique to us and that it could be a skill, ability or talent then it definitely narrows down what our desire is.  If we had to allow our desires to surface again and allow this ‘something’/desire to grow within us, we could desire it so much that it engages us to take action/s to acquire it.

This is the premise of Think and Grow Rich: Desire.

This chapter is implying that, through Napoleon Hill’s studies of many successful people, success cannot be achieved if one doesn’t have a deep desire to express something of themselves.

If a person doesn’t have a driving force/desire within them to achieve something, then what would help that person achieve anything? We could imagine that a person who has no desire of their own would be living without a purpose – they would have no direction to grow towards that would improve their lives. They would just take and deal with what comes day-by-day in their lives. They are essentially being “pushed around” by the circumstances, conditions and environment that they are currently in instead of creating their own conditions, circumstances, and environment that they would desire to be in.

This is where your desire is acting as a natural guidance system for you.

It’s the unique skill, ability and/or talent that you have so naturally within you that if you nurture and grow it, it would be this powerful ‘something’ that would not only help you achieve certain things but help many people around you as well because you are able to do it so effortlessly.

It’s that ‘something’ that God has gifted you with to do so effortlessly and joyously because it resonates with the spirit of whom you are and the image that God has created you in. The doing of this 'something' not only brings out the best of you but also everyone that is associated with it. That is why it’s a gift – it can be “handed” to someone else to help them achieve something.

So how does one fuel their Desire?