Think and Grow Rich: A Practical and Comprehensive Interpretation.


Think and Grow Rich: Part 2 – Desire

(part 2 of 4)

However, most of us start shifting our thoughts to our immediate surroundings again –“coming back to the real world”. The desire feels so distant now... so admirable. We start to think if it is even possible to reach something like that... 

We take a hard look at our present results and what our “reality” is and then question if we are even capable of something like that.

Our desire has now instantly died.

We carry on with our daily routine because it is all we know and accept that this is all we are capable of achieving.
How sad does that sound?

So why do we even desire or want things if we “think” it will “never exist” in our lives.

Well, maybe we should rather be asking ourselves:
“Who is telling us that it’ll ‘never exist’?”

Is it someone else, your friends, your loved ones or you?

Maybe you heard it from someone else at first, but ultimately YOU are saying it’ll “never happen” and believing that it’ll never happen.

In this particular case, how would anyone ever know what we are dreaming about at that very moment because we don’t start narrating out aloud our dreams as we engage in them? It is only you and your imagination so you - and only you - are the one telling yourself that it’ll “never happen”.

What we need to understand is that the successful people whom we witness and perceive as successful are living that lifestyle because, to them, they decided to make their desires a “reality”.

“Reality” is in quotation and italics because it is just based on the perception of your belief system of what we think should exist in our lives. That successful person is living his/her desires at the exact same time you are dreaming about your desires.