Think and Grow Rich: A Practical and Comprehensive Interpretation.


Think and Grow Rich: Part 2 – Desire

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What is Desire?

Desire is something that we really want and long for. It is something that we know exists somewhere but just not in our lives or environment yet. It’s the image that we see in our mind but goes beyond just being a simple or plain image. It’s like a movie where we are the main star/character of the film taking on the lead role where the entire story revolves around us. We are so deep within our imagination that we’re picturing ourselves as if we have these things and/or people surrounding us at this very moment - creating scenarios of ourselves in these ideal worlds where we are absolutely unstoppable.

It feels “real” yet ludicrous at the same time because, after all, it just exists in our imagination.

This trip in our mind drives us to want it so badly that we will virtually do anything to get it during this moment in time that we are taken by our imagination.

Desire is the activation of our imagination that surfaces associated emotions that we feel during our “day-dreaming” moment.
It’s something that we want to grow towards and we want to allow it or hope for it to become a reality in our lives.

It’s fully possible for people to achieve their desires because there are many successful people who have proven this. They are living examples of this desire in “reality” that we witness on a daily basis sometimes.