Think and Grow Rich: A Practical and Comprehensive Interpretation.


Think and Grow Rich: Part 1 – Sixth Sense

(part 3 of 4)

Well, our explanation is just a world-view point that may or may not resonate with you – an opinion if you may call. It’s at your discretion how you want to view this analogy. 

This feeling is our body sensing the energy around and inside us. This energy could be the energy of another person, it could be the energy of the universe (as some say), and it could be the spirit of God within you or deity that you believe in. None of these are wrong or right.

What’s rather strange is that we may question this feeling deep within us but we are never freaked-out by it – we never consider it as an external thing like a ghost or something that is not a part of us and shouldn’t be there at all.

The principle is that most of us have a belief system that surpasses our five senses – to have a soul:  the definition of being a human. 

We, MustardSeed, choose to believe in God and that we are a spirit that is made in God’s image (i.e. we have a soul/spirit living within our bodies). If we are a spirit, then we are able to sense God’s spirit as well. The sensing of God’s spirit is what we believe to be the sixth sense - as many believers consider Him to be guiding us through life with our free will to accept his guidance or not.

We are gifted with natural skills, abilities or talents that we are born with and we are able to share them with other people. (The “something” that you just love doing because it resonates with the spirit of who you are.)

We all have free will to choose and do what we want but there will always be this sense of feeling/sixth sense from within trying to guide us to the best possible situation that resonates with our spirit.

No matter how we try to exclude it from our rational thinking process because there is no proof that it’ll work, we eventually are placed in a situation where it is felt the strongest - a moment of desperation and uncertainty that we have to deal with because it can no longer be held off or set aside.


We have two core choices that we can approach it with.