Think and Grow Rich: A Practical and Comprehensive Interpretation.


Think and Grow Rich: Part 1 – Sixth Sense

(part 1 of 4)

We can assume that all of us can refer to an “inner voice” that guides us in various situations of our lives. It used to be portrayed as the little angel and demon sitting on someone’s shoulder in old films or children’s cartoons.

These “voices” would usually be experienced during moments in our lives that required us to make some huge or life-changing decisions. We would think about the situation for days on end feeling absolutely confused about what to do – what choices to make. It could be referred to as your heart being in conflict with your mind where your thoughts are saying one thing but your heart is saying the extreme opposite. It’s this inner battle that you have with yourself and you know that you have to make a decision sooner than you would like to - the moment that you know you have to think and that you’ll grow from.

It eventually comes to a point where you make a decision. It could have been one that was calculated and served to fill the logic in your mind or one that served the feeling deep within your heart. A feeling that could not be put into words, only actions, and it made absolutely no logical sense at all for choosing it...

Whichever decision you made had its results.


If it went well then you would have said:
“Yes! I knew that was the right choice.”

If it didn’t work out:
“Agh! I should have done this or that.”

Results aside, it all comes to the experience of hearing those two “voices”. The calculated logical “voice” or the heartfelt feeling that completely conflicted with your thinking at the time.

The Heartfelt feeling is what the sixth sense is...


So how does this help us?