How to Be Successful: An Understanding of Success.

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How to Be Successful: Creating Your Vision

As like any trip we want to go on we need to decide on a destination. A destination that is we would love to go to. Similarly, the first steps to becoming successful are clearly defining what that destination looks like. This is your vision. If you think back to the story again it’s the first part where we described the desire to be at the west coast with warm waters. We built a picture in our mind of what we would experience if we were there right now.

How to Be Successful: Setting goals

Only once we have decided on our “destination” (i.e. your vision) are then able to start planning and researching routes and milestones of how we think we could get there. With a clearly defined vision, we are able to start researching the things that would most likely help us accomplish the vision. We would find out what it would require of us, whom we would need to be in contact with to help us achieve certain things, general cost the may occur along the way, etc.

Once we have enough research done, that helps paint a clearer picture, we are able to start considering a rough plan of what things need to be done first, what requires more research and where we think we could start this success journey.

This rough plan has essentially set up mini goals or milestones that we can accomplish along the way and if we are dedicated to accomplishing them, we will arrive at our main goal. Obviously, we would feel lost and overwhelmed at some points but that is why we have a vision that is greater than the goals itself. It would be similar to driving for hours on end with no pit stops. You would become exhausted extremely quickly and often if you don’t take pit stops for breaks and rest periods. 

We can even break up these mini goals/milestones into smaller sub-goals to help us understand that we are still on track to accomplishing our vision and main goal. These sub-goals can be used as a gauge on a daily and even an hourly basis if you have gone that deep into breaking up the milestones.

You are then aware if you are performing purposeful actions throughout your day that you can easily identify as contributions towards your main goal. It’s like the miles or kilometers that are rolling by as you drive on in the direction of your destination. 

Now, this brings us back to the question:

“Are we only successful when we accomplish our main goal?”
We said no and here’s why.

Returning back to the Oxford Dictionary’s definition of Success:
“The accomplishment of an aim or purpose”

If we have broken down our main goal into milestones then farther into sub-goals and/or even farther into daily goals, then no matter what goal we tackle it will always be on purpose towards accomplishing the main goal. Each action has direction and contributes towards your destination no matter how small or larger the goal accomplished during your day, week or month.

Thus, purposeful actions are being performed and for every purposeful action accomplished we are successful.

The only hurdle that tests us is how long we are willing to persist and accomplishing purposeful actions every day or every week because that will determine how quickly we arrive at our desired destination. Also, let’s not forget any obstacles that might come our way throughout the journey. 

Recap: How to Be Successful.

  1. Build a vision of your destination as if you are experiencing it right now.

  2. Create rough goals/milestones by researching what is required and what to expect to accomplish your vision.

  3. Create a rough plan with your milestones to know where you think you should start your journey. It may require a bit more research into your rough goals to understand them more so that you are able to make decisions about your plan. Also, this research is already purposeful actions because it is helping you define a clearer path for you to travel on.

  4. Break up the milestones into manageable tasks.

  5. Perform Purposeful actions on a daily basis to maintain your speed towards your destination.

  6. Acknowledge and be grateful for every single purposeful action you perform every day because it is the fuel for your unique and beautiful journey.

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