How to Be Successful: An Understanding of Success.

(part 3 of 4)

But again, are we only successful when we reach this point?

The answer is no.

We are successful for as long as we are still on our journey towards this destination point.

You’re probably asking yourself “how’s that even possible?”

Let’s take the cliché example of using a road map as an analogy:

We have been brought up and live on the east coast of a continent. Everyone we grew up with lives, at most, 30 minutes away from us. We have everything we need to have a fulfilling lifestyle. Everything we want is easily and reasonably accessible to us and there is nothing really to complain about except for this one thing that has always annoyed us since childhood – the icy waters of the ocean.

If there is one thing that you would absolutely love is experiencing warm ocean waters swirling and wrapping around your body. You just want to float around looking up towards the sky while the waves sway you back and forth. It’s just blissfulness that you can experience anytime you wish to.

This image just can’t get out your head and you long for that warm ocean water. You imagine how much more your life would be complete if you just lived on the west coast of your continent. This is the first time that you realize that it’s about 2 days drive or 10 hour flight away – so close yet so far you say quietly in your mind.

Then you start to think but what if I just jump in my car and drive or book a plane ticket. So you open your laptop to see how far it actually is, see some flights that are available and their prices. You compare the two and decide that you will drive because you want to do some sightseeing along the way – experience different towns and what they have to offer along the way. Your mind is made up and you have now committed to going to the west coast.

You start to plan your trip, stopping at various places, sleeping at various BnB’s along the way and marking fuel stations to support your trip. You work out how much it’s most probably going to cost you and start placing milestone markers on your map to easily see when you would reach your next destination. You pack your case with appropriate clothes to suit the conditions and figure out that you may have to purchase some other items you don’t have at all.

You’re all set and ready to leave. The only thing left to do is say goodbye to family and friends.

You get in your car and off you go.

So now you are probably thinking:

What’s this story got to do with anything about how to be successful? This is just wasting my time.” 

There are many similarities to this analogy between How to Be Successful and a road trip!

Let’s start comparing and breaking it down.