Growth Mindset: The Starting Point To Succeeding At Anything.

(part 2 0f 2)

How do we apply a Growth Mindset so that we can start experiencing different results?

The answer is simple yet challenging at the same time and surprisingly you have already just gone through the process of a Growth Mindset but just in a negative and destructive way.

The process of going down memory lane is the entire process; however, it has to be adapted so that instead of it becoming a destructive tool it is used as a constructive tool for you. 

You’re probably massively confused at this moment so please allow us to clarify and deconstruct this process so that it becomes the start of a Growth Mindset for you.

This is where we explain “how to create a Growth Mindset”.
Let’s deconstruct the “down memory lane” process:

Firstly: Thinking / Imagination

We asked you to think of a past situation where you had to make a massive decision; you started to see a memory on the screen of your mind. You started to go deeper into replaying the situation in your mind – the image of your memory got clearer and clearer as you dwelled on the memory. However, this memory most likely had a negative connotation towards it. (i.e. it wasn’t a fantastic or great experience to go through at the time it happened.)

Nevertheless, from an objective view; you were using your imagination to recall a memory because you saw it in "pictures" (you didn't recall the memory in text form) in your mind's eye. 

Now, when you were in that situation, just before you made any decision towards it, you most likely used your imagination again but to create scenarios of how it would “play out” for you. You most likely created a few strong scenarios in your head with your imagination that made you start questioning it because you could “see” what could happen if you went for it or if you didn’t go for it. The more you imagined what could happen the clearer the image got in your mind.

Secondly: Feeling or Becoming Aware of the Emotions

The scenarios that you were playing in your head made you feel something – it made you feel an emotion from within. That emotion got stronger and stronger within you and thus...

Thirdly: Decision  and  Actions

You decided to take a certain action towards that situation. That decision that you made has ultimately translated in the results that followed – you either continued with the same results if you turned the decision down or you experienced something different and new by deciding to go through with the decision.


Here’s the meat and potatoes now – TAKE NOTE

To break this down even further to its core essentials;
What we think/imagine causes our emotion which causes us to take certain actions. Our actions cause our present results.


So here is the key to all of this: this is the Growth Mindset process.

Just like the “memory lane” process, we use our imagination to build a clear picture/scenarios of what we DO want in our life but this time a positive picture in our mind – something that we would love to exist in our lives that you are able to take action towards because it would make your life so much better. Dwell on this positive picture until you start feeling some good emotions about it. It could be emotions of happiness, desire, hope, enthusiasm, excitement, etc., and then allow yourself to make the decision to take action towards it and follow through with it until you have achieved your goal.

The concept here is that if your imagination built negative scenarios before which caused undesired feelings within you and ultimately caused you to decline a decision that you should have made with the “memory lane” process above.

Then the same can be done to achieve the desired goal but with complete opposite intention and outcome – to allow yourself to imagine the amazing scenarios of what it could be rather than what it could be if it all goes wrong. It will take some practice, just like anything else, because we are not used to it.

However, remember that you are already utilizing your imagination, you still feel emotions and you are always making decisions every single moment of the day to take a certain action, so you are already more than halfway there. The only difference is that you are now controlling what you think/imagine about and what you feel so that you can make the best decisions of your life – the trick is the discipline to always and consistently be aware that you must be in control of the situation, not the situation being in control of you.


To be in control means to respond to a situation – a situation being in control of you means that you are reacting to a situation.

Now practice Growth Mindset and see how it can work for you!

If you still find it difficult to apply, just take something that you already do each day that is not actually that important, but you still spend your time on it and supplement it with something of value to you.

For example: If you watch a lot of TV or Youtube videos and the content of it is not important just take a little bit of that time to start watching some videos on Growth Mindset videos. You’ll most likely start shifting more time to watching videos with valuable content over time – you’re still watching videos but videos that are helpful to you now.