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While we were creating the brand, vision, and intention for Mustard Seed | sucseed.com we had to, like any other business, ask ‘what should people know about us?’ We “brainstormed” for a while and realized that we had sounded so generic just like any other business – we wrote words like high-quality, great service, best content, trustworthy, the leader in our industry, etc.


But, isn’t that how any business should operate by default?


Then came our CEO and founder of Mustard seed | suc-seed.com from his lunch break and asked him the same question ‘what should people know about us on our About Us page?’ He was silent for a moment and then shared this:

"Focusing on what ‘we are about’ places our focus on us rather than everyone who visits, knows or comes into relationship with us which is where our focus must always be – on people who want to grow and advance their results in life. They are our focus and ‘we are about them’ because without them we are nothing!

We are about expressing a unique understanding of success mindsets with insight, wisdom and unparallel but grounded explanations so that we are an extremely valuable and practical resource to come learn from. We provide powerful insight into reliable programs and courses that are currently on offer to the world so that it benefits people who want better results in their lives. We can only achieve this by providing a proper understanding of why a mindset shift is necessary before any results are realized or experienced.


We are here to help people understand that their results can change and we can offer a deep understanding into the shift because we have gone through and experienced the amazing change ourselves – that we are living examples of magnificent shifts and amazing results.

We can lead people forward through growth because we are experiencing it in our daily lives. We need to share our journeys with people who want to advance in theirs because that bond can never be faked and creates a bond that leaps over all boundaries.

We will continue to provide understandable, extremely valuable and practical content for legitimate and reliable courses and programs that we have studied and applied in our lives with success. We will share ideas from books that have changed our lives for the better, and compliment other content so that we are always providing the most usable and well-rounded information that increases the possibility of great change in other people’s lives.

Remember, our vision is to help at least

1 000 000 people, who choose to improve their lives, achieve better, higher quality results by 2020. We will achieve this because we don’t change results by covering up the symptoms – we will help them understand how to change it from the roots!"

We don’t think it could have been said any better and if you are one of the many people who want to improve your results then welcome to Mustard Seed | Suc-seed.com where you can learn to suc-seed!

Mustard Seed

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